DBC Paper was founded in 2003 in Caraglio, in the province of Cuneo, to create the first paper preparation center, for industrial typographic use, in the North West. In 2010 he moved to Candiolo, in the first Turin hinterland.
DBC Paper today is the most complete and technologically advanced paper preparation center in Italy, with over ten years of experience in the sector: the core business is distribution and cutting of cards, backed by a know-how that places DBC Paper among the leading national experts in optimized formats.

DBC Paper has developed a company policy oriented towards the most meticulous customer satisfaction, balancing three guidelines: thanks to a radical innovative process that lasted over two years, DBC Paper is now able to reconcile the needs of price with the quality of the raw material and theefficiency of the supply.

The consolidated relationship with customers has allowed us to intervene, over the years, on the critical issues of production processes: today DBC Paper is renewed and aware of its potential.
The communication channel with DBC is constantly open, through social profiles with which orders can be quickly placed and the ever-changing needs of our customers balanced.

To maintain product quality at the highest levels, DBC Paper has undertaken a scouting activity focused on tightening European partnerships with prestigious players in the sector.
Today DBC Paper processes an average of thirty tons of paper per day: the FSC® certification combines with very high energy efficiency, thanks to a 160kwp photovoltaic system; from an operational point of view, a technologically advanced instrument park is used by qualified workers subjected to strict quality control. Finally, DBC Paper is very attentive to the absorption of processing waste, both in terms of dust and waste.

This was the way of living the concepts of research, technological innovation and eco-sustainability by DBC Paper. A long and demanding path to be able to project itself into the future: DBC Paper is ready to face the next decade of work.