Relying on a cutting center like DBC Paper is practical and convenient: cutting to an optimized format is our core business, designed to offer the printing and publishing world economic and functional paper supplies.

Only the paper you need, only the quantity you need, all at an optimized price, like the sheets we make.

A precise and fast service, thanks to our constantly updated machines and a well-stocked warehouse. Any order is disposed of in a few hours, to meet the needs of the contemporary market.



From Scandinavian precision to Italian fantasy.
Tosca Silk is our opaque coating made with Sca paper, produced by one of the best paper mills in the world, to offer the Italian market the best in terms of opacity, thickness and degree of smoothness.


Tosca Style guarantees extreme quality together with the most excellent whiteness and finishing point on the surface and the highest bulk in the category.
Why Tosca? Because it is "Sca" paper processed in the province of Turin ("TO"), and because it is our work of art.


Do you like asparagus?
Do you want a kilo?
Well, know that the 20% of what you pay you throw away.
This is not the case with us: it applies to our Pura Matt glossy and to our other services.

The changes of DBC Paper, our promotions, all the news regarding products and research in our sector, our most successful case histories.
DBC Paper tells its story, with a look to the future.

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TOSCA Volume is born

The perfect paper to save weight Light but at the same time “full-bodied”: Tosca Volume is the high thickness coated paper (1.2 hand), with a single surface and a very high whiteness. This paper is unique in the world paper market, thanks to its characteristics. Tested on all products, it is recommended for
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# Together we will do it

In recent weeks we have known an unimaginable situation but above all, we have been faced with really difficult decisions to make. One above all: how can I contribute to safeguarding the health of the community and of the people who work in the company while still guaranteeing the DBC Paper service within the printed paper supply chain?
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DBC Paper does not stop

Or rather: it adapts to the very strict regulations in force after the latest decrees, but DOESN'T STOP. The current context is of great concern, but we want to try to guarantee work continuity for all our collaborators and partners, trusting that their professionalism and their sense of responsibility will guide them to strictly and daily comply with the ministerial provisions.